About PeakLogix

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions by maximizing resources and productivity.

PeakLogix is synonymous with efficiency.

Since 1989, we’ve been making manufacturing, distribution, and material handling operations more efficient and more profitable by helping our clients become more current, effective and productive. Today, we are the Mid-Atlantic leader in providing design and engineering services that connect all the segments involved in moving materials and equipment between distribution centers, warehouses, and customers.

We have a reputation as an expert that innovates as the market innovates, providing unbiased creative solutions that are modern, state-of-the-art and inventive. Our in-house team of experts partners with you through every step of your project, offering solutions and systems integrations that optimize your efficiency and ROI.


  • We are getting 20% more capacity per cart when compared to our old carts.
    John Pye
    Manager of Distribution, Northside Hospital
  • PeakLogix is fantastic to work with. They took crude drawings of what we wanted and turned them into the finished product. They were very responsive to changes and managed other vendors very well which reduced headaches. One example: plans indicated the wrong height for beams and they couldn’t fit the pallets, and PeakLogix sent a crew in the very next day to fix it at no additional cost (even though they built to specs). Ours will be a long-term relationship.
    Medical Distributor
  • The PeakLogix team is very good at real-time problem solving, anticipating potential challenges, and communicating between all stakeholders. We wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.
    Shipbuilding Services


Our team understands the importance and value of custom solutions to meet your manufacturing and distribution operational needs.

Bob Giberson, Principal

Bob Giberson has over 35 years of experience in material handling and systems integration. As principal, Bob provides leadership to an outstanding team of experienced engineers, project managers, client support specialists, technology experts and regional directors who provide a full complement of material handling solutions and guidance to help clients optimize efficiency and increase profits. Bob is well respected in the industry, and is recognized as leading PeakLogix to its reputation of innovating with the market to enable clients to shift from labor-intensive distribution processes to more sophisticated, highly-automated systems.


Sandy has worked behind the scenes since the inception of PeakLogix in 1989, and became co-owner in 2008. She is responsible for managing the Human Resource and Accounts Receivable Departments and overseeing the company’s charitable giving programs. Sandy is a champion of client service, working between all departments to ensure customer satisfaction. Prior to PeakLogix, Sandy served as Branch Manager for Countrywide Mortgage Company, as Legal Assistant at the Farino & Rick Law Firm, and Paralegal in the Real Estate Legal Department of McDonald’s Corporation.

Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, David is responsible for directing and managing the company’s strategic business development initiatives. He has nearly 30 years of experience in operational leadership, contract negotiation, and strategic planning, holding positions in banking and finance organizations, manufacturing, and professional services. David has a deep understanding of distribution and manufacturing operations. His combined experience brings a unique understanding to how we approach new business, and provides creative solutions for our clients’ needs.

Director of Procurement

Rick Fehan has been PeakLogix’s Procurement Director since 1995 and is a results-oriented professional with extensive experience delivering substantial cost savings via strategic negotiations as well as driving value engineered initiatives. Rick provides extensive cross-industry experience with many platforms and is well versed in all aspects of supply chain management, with in-depth technical understanding of manufacturing, distribution and warehousing operations.

Service Manager

John has been growing with PeakLogix since 2001, when he started as an installer. Moving through the ranks of lead installer and project manager, he has been the company’s service manager since 2008. John is responsible for support of existing and newly commissioned equipment through onsite assessments, training, repair and emergency response, troubleshooting services and more. He provides and manages the timely and high-quality service support that minimizes customer downtime and maximizes client satisfaction. In addition, he handles several specialized client projects.

Accounting Manager

As Accounting Manager, Nancy is responsible for the financial management and accounting processes of the company. She works directly with clients and vendors to manage financial negotiations, as well as with General Managers and Accounting Departments for billing and accounting for labor jobs. Prior to joining PeakLogix in 2000, Nancy served as Budget Analyst for the Department of Agriculture and as Accounting Manager for a manufacturing company.

Vice President of Operations

Mike Holler leads the Project Management and Systems Service team responsible for coordinating the design of work methods, facilities planning, and project management processes that maximize yield from technologically advanced capital equipment. Mike is a strategist and quality engineering specialist with 15+ years of experience in systems engineering, consulting, and process improvement, within manufacturing and distribution environments. His leadership and direction ensures costs, delivery, quality, and inspection standards comply with our client standards and expectations.

Director of Client Services

Karen has been with PeakLogix since 1991 when she joined as the company’s fourth employee. During her tenure as Director of Client Services, Karen has been a client advocate through each phase of their engagement with PeakLogix. With more than 20 years in the material handling industry, she has worked with our clients through a range of responsibilities from project estimation and preparation to sales and marketing to client support services. Before joining PeakLogix, Karen served in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth where she was responsible for processing extradition and pardon requests, restoration of civil rights and the registration of lobbyists.

Director of Engineering

Ron Turkaly has over 25 years of experience in large-scale system design and development, engineering, consulting, and project management. Ron’s team of engineers understand the complexity and orchestration required to balance supply chain distribution functions and generate innovative approaches to integration, resulting in the highest possible ROI and operational efficiency for our clients. Prior to joining PeakLogix, Ron designed internal systems and facilities to optimize operations for Ferguson Enterprises, Honeywell, and Texas Instruments that significantly improved their bottom line, increasing productivity and efficiency.


PeakLogix is a proud member of Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) and Material Handling Institute (MHI). We’ve been recognized as a MHEDA MVP each year since the program’s inception in 2011.


Let us help you advance your operations.