It could be argued that one of the most interesting aspects of the Material Handling Industry is the fully automated systems and what they can do to increase an organizations’ efficiency.

PeakLogix has recently been selected as one of five exclusive material handling integrators for SSI Schaefer.

SSI Schaefer is the leading (Worldwide) supplier of Systems, Components, and Software for warehouse automation.

The benefits we have as an integrator for SSI Schaefer are limitless – whether you are considering a manual, semi-automated or fully automated system – we have access to a wide range of dynamic products to address your needs.

Often times I find that there is a misconception that if you have a manual system and want to convert to a more efficient solution, either Semi-Automated or Fully-Automated, it is difficult and would take a significant investment of money, time and effort. People sometimes see it as “Putting a lot in but not getting anything out”, thus inaccurately calculating their Return on Investment (ROI). Often times, a distribution center may not rely on finding the most efficient way to conduct their operations. The norm tends to be for them to look at what works and stick with it, thus remaining with the status quo. PeakLogix takes the extra time to find the best approach for applying automation effectively, so that you will see an expedient return on your investment, by analyzing completely from induction to throughput.

PeakLogix is excited to be included as one of SSI Schaefer’s material handling integrators. One of the major alignments for this program is that we both believe that it is worth the effort it takes to look into something and find a solution that works the best for each client’s situation vs. simply installing something that works. We enjoy making systems more efficient and we have many ideas and solutions that we are always willing to share and help with.

Check out the link below to see a comprehensive line of products that we are happy to discuss with you.

Warehouse Logistics: Product Videos