Industry Outlook

Hytrol Conveyor Company: An Innovative and Lean Partner

Conveyors were perhaps made famous by Henry Ford, who used them even in his earliest assembly lines. However, they predate the Model T by perhaps as much as 200 years. While their earliest history is lost to time, conveyors have become a staple of material handling because of their efficiency, affordability, and versatility. Part of PeakLogix's mission is to provide…
September 20, 2019
Community Outreach

Giving Back by Looking Forward

As much as possible, PeakLogix likes to give back to the community through education. For the youngest learners, we help empower them by supporting local elementary schools with funding requests through Donors Choose. And for those in college considering their future prospects, we raise awareness of robotics and technology in the world of material handling. Earlier this year, PeakLogix was…
June 6, 2019