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Industry Outlook

Warehouse Demand at Unprecedented Levels Due to Buffer Inventories and Ecommerce

Over the next five years, ecommerce sales are predicted to increase by $1.5 trillion. On its own, this would mean an increase in the demand for warehousing space. But ecommerce requires three times more space than traditional retailers. This, combined with the strategic increase in inventory to buffer against future demand shocks, is creating record-low vacancy rates and record-high leases,…
November 14, 2021
Industry Outlook

How to Know if Robotic Palletizing is Right for You

With robotic palletizers, PeakLogix helps customers reduce the labor associated with palletizing, while increasing the facility’s capacity and consistency. Whether or not your facility can realize these results depends on a number of factors, including your current processes, throughput, and box construction, as well as any special requirements. In a best use-case, robotic palletizers are easily justified. Outside of the…
October 13, 2021
Industry Outlook

How to Succeed as an eCommerce Company in the New Normal

Global eCommerce has touched nearly every aspect of modern life. No longer a luxury, it has become the single most important strategy for businesses to adopt in order to stay competitive and achieve real success. It is, however, a hugely complex issue that raises many questions and forces difficult decisions. In this article, we look at the global eCommerce market…
September 8, 2021
AutomationIndustry Outlook

AGVs – Maximizing ROI Begins with Choosing the Right System

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) make the global supply chain possible, moving material from raw goods, through the production process, and out to the consumer. They are used in a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing and warehousing to medical care and even theme parks. Like most automation, AGVs offer increased accuracies and throughputs compared to a traditional workforce, while reducing…
August 9, 2021
AutomationIndustry Outlook

AGVs – the “Backbone” of Modern Material Handling

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are wheel-based, autonomous material handlers. They are both versatile and affordable and are used in such a wide variety of industries that MH&L named them the “backbone” of. When considering adding or upgrading automation to existing systems, AGVs have the benefit of quick implementation and little downtime. All automation offers improved throughput and accuracy, and lower…
July 9, 2021
AutomationIndustry Outlook

Meeting the Many Regulations of the Cold Supply Chain

Depending on your source, analysts predict the world’s dependence on cold supply chains will increase by something like 8% or 15% over the next 5-10 years. Regulating the storage and transport of the perishable products in the cold supply chain is a patchwork of laws and agencies created at different levels of government. As well meaning as these agencies are,…
June 11, 2021
AutomationIndustry Outlook

Fundamentals of a Cold Supply Chain

Supply chain logistics is a complex industry, requiring the ordering and tracking of raw goods; the high demands of made-to-order manufacturing; the pressures of same-day shipping of a wide variety of products; and the precision of tailored deliveries to thousands of buyers who demand transparent tracking applications, all done on a global scale in a competitive market. As if all…
May 8, 2021
Industry Outlook

Trends in Wholesale Distribution – a New Era in 2021

Acting almost entirely behind the scenes, distributors are nevertheless vital for the success of the entire supply chain. They are a crucial part of the economy as a whole. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way everyone did business and turned traditional ways of working upside-down. Although the future remains uncertain, wholesale distribution is primed to enter a new era. The…
April 8, 2021