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8 Tips for Improving Warehouse Efficiency Operations

8 Tips for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

The demands of ecommerce – coupled with the increased need for more resilient supply chains – are forcing warehouses to work at, or even beyond, their current capacity. The good news – if we can call it that – is that most warehouses are currently inefficient and can take relatively simple, cost-effective steps to improve their workflows and throughputs. At…
How to Address Common Warehouse Redundancies Operations

How to Address Common Warehouse Redundancies

To meet today’s challenges – with supply chain disruptions, labor market upheavals, high inflation, and rising interest rates – warehouses need to streamline their processes more than ever. Redundancy in warehouse processes leads to higher costs, an inflated need for labor, lower throughput, and less accuracy. At PeakLogix, we have decades of experience helping companies streamline their material handling processes.…
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AGVs – Maximizing ROI Begins Automation

Meet Today’s Challenges with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

As industries everywhere continue to adjust to COVID-19, the labor shortages that have plagued the industry for years are only getting worse. The latest analysis shows that there are nearly two open jobs for every American actively looking for work. What was at first called The Great Resignation has become The Grand Redesign as employees and employers alike look to…
robotic palletizer
How to Know if Robotic Palletizing Industry Outlook

How to Know if Robotic Palletizing is Right for You

With robotic palletizers, PeakLogix helps customers reduce the labor associated with palletizing, while increasing the facility’s capacity and consistency. Whether or not your facility can realize these results depends on a number of factors, including your current processes, throughput, and box construction, as well as any special requirements. In a best use-case, robotic palletizers are easily justified. Outside of the…
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Calculating the ROI of Warehouse Automation Automation

Calculating the ROI of Warehouse Automation

Correctly implemented warehouse automation has many positive effects on distribution center operations. But first, a detailed analysis is needed to understand the financial savings generated by the investment. The project sponsor doesn’t want to discover any budgeting traps after the implementation has started. Before deciding to automate, customers need to know: How much will it cost upfront? How much will…
Are Aging Stacker Cranes Limiting Your AS/RS? Industry Outlook

Are Aging Stacker Cranes Limiting Your AS/RS?

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RSs) are mission-critical systems for many material-handling companies, reducing the costs and increasing efficiencies of routine warehouse tasks. Yet too often, companies rely on aged systems that underperform.  Stacker cranes are central to an AS/RS’s operation, and replacing them bears unique costs and challenges. In addition to the system being offline for upgrades, it can…
Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) manager in warehouse
Supply Chain as a Service Industry Outlook

Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) – What It Is and Why You Need It

Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) is best understood as the division of the supply chain into chunks that can be outsourced to, or accessed by, third parties. It allows companies to scale their supply chains up or down while giving access to variable price structures and resources that would otherwise be hard to find. For smaller companies and startups…