I’ve often heard that things are “always bigger in Texas”, but having never been there before, I just assumed it was a phrase coined by the tourist industry to get more people to visit the lone star state.  After all, I live and work in Virginia where I’ve grown up hearing the phrase “Virginia is for Lover’s” all my life.  While it seems to be a worthy marketing slogan, I’ve seen nothing to indicate that Virginia has a higher number of “lovers” than Texas or any other state for that matter.

So, when I received a call from one of our clients about pricing a large floor striping project in Texas I didn’t really prepare myself for what Texans call “large”.

As I reviewed the drawings of the project, the scope became increasingly clear.  The client needed yellow traffic lines marking floor storage for palletized products in their new

1 million plus square foot warehouse.  I totaled the linear footage of the lines and it came to just under 200,000 linear feet, that’s almost 38 miles of floor striping!

Our standard method of applying floor striping is to use a masking tape edge on either side of the stripe and apply the floor coating between the two.  This gives a much cleaner edge and a better finished product than using a sprayer.  This also means that for this particular project we would have to purchase and apply 76 miles of masking tape all by hand!  To top it off, the client was under an extremely tight timeline and needed the work finished in less than 45 days.

Our striping crew leader jumped right in, feet first, along with 9 other employees and began work on the project.  It took exactly four weeks to complete the project so we were able to meet the client’s deadline and complete the project on-time and on-budget.

The crew worked 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire month to make sure the client’s schedule was not impacted by the project.  I can’t commend our crew enough on their dedication to get the project done on schedule while implementing the quality installation that PeakLogix is known for, all within a highly compacted schedule.  One of the crew members’ actually reporting losing 26 lbs during this project from all of the miles of walking involved in a striping project this large!  After taking a much deserved break, our crew is back in action, ready for the next big challenge.  Call us (800.849-6332) if you have any questions or would like to learn more about all of the turn-key project management services PeakLogix offers to our clients.

Project Details:

  • 37.8 miles of 4” yellow and white striping
  • 4,500 linear feet of 18” wide “vector” striping
  • 76 miles of masking tape used
  • 2,300 rolls of masking tape used
  • 450 gallons of paint
  • Estimated distance walked by each crew member during the installation – 300 miles each x 10 crew members = 3,000 miles (NY to LA is 2,778 miles)
  • Weight lost by one of the crew that month due to the walking – 26 lbs.

Jerry Shaw
Project Manager