Today was spent entirely in training.  I arrived at the Fuji Robotics facility in Sanyo Onada City and was first given a tour of the facility, starting from the basic assembly of the materials and ending at our own robots.

My trainer is an electrical engineer with a Masters in hardware and software.  He spent the morning explaining how the robot and control panel will look upon delivery.  We then moved on to the control panel components and hardware.  We went through all the different PC boards and communications wiring.  He explained the difference between the FA-30 and FA-100 boards as well as between the .exe system version file and the .mot and .fal files.

We then got into the physical set up of the robot.  I couldn’t stand it anymore…..I finally got my hands on the robot!  With proper instruction and care, I started with setting the dip switches on the boards of a new panel, and was in heaven at this point.  Then, we went through the proper way to run the wires of the robot, 3 phase, ground connections, and so on.  I was able to manually move the robot with the new and improved teaching pendent.  I was also able to set up a manual layout and try it in auto when I was finished.  I managed not to break anything, and the layout I had made turned out rather well.  After the set up, we reviewed the sequences once again to make sure they were buried somewhere in my head.

Towards the end of the day, we went over box position adjustments.  All of the numbers started running wild in my head, and it became very difficult to keep track of them.  Tomorrow we start with software downloads, and then I get to set up some more pickup/pallet positions.

It has been a very productive day, thanks to a great trainer and a fantastic product!
Speak with you all tomorrow!