PeakLogix’ Engineering and Sales staff recently traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to visit one of our most creative vendors, United Sortation Solutions (USS).

USS demonstrated various creative solutions to utilize vertical “free” space more productively for our clients.  USS uses Vertical Indexing Conveyors (VIC) and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC) to stage, sequence and transport cases or totes. Their presentation of both horizontal and vertical systems was impressive and can help PeakLogix clients become more efficient, productive and profitable.

The solutions use very little space to “lift” products at very high throughput speeds.  VRC’s are now capable of speeds as high as 15 cartons/totes per minute while VIC’s can operate at up to 30 per minute. USS is defining a new category of products capable of “Vertical Sortation” utilizing compact footprints to do sorting, buffering, and accumulation vertically. Along with the lifts, 24 volt motor driven roller (MDR) style conveyor is utilized to efficiently transport or flow product for consolidation, sequencing or picking.

USS has a sister company, EuroSort that develops cutting-edge Flat Sorter (Bombay) and Push Tray Sorter solutions for high throughput Distribution Centers.

The USS and EuroSort collaborative team of engineers presented PeakLogix with various case studies of sortation, vertical conveying and sequencing solutions that we can provide for our clients, particularly those with space constraints. Together, we can help you enhance your facilities to increase capacity and productivity.