Does your organization currently hire summer interns?

For several years PeakLogix has hired at least one summer intern  – not only to help college students earn money for school, and to help out our employees in the office, but to also introduce a new generation to the “glamorous” world of Material Handling and Systems Integration.

Everyone can usually use an “extra pair of hands”, so this summer we hired 4 interns. The interns worked in our project management, sales, and marketing departments.  They were all dependable, hard working individuals who took care of many tasks that were put on the backburner, for one reason or another, waiting for someone to have free time to get back to it.

The interns we hired this summer consisted of a Landscape Architect student from Clemson University to help our Engineering Department with CAD drawings.  Two Business Majors, one from the University of Virginia and the other from King University, to help out in our Sales and Customer Service Department.  The last intern we hired is a graduate student who came locally from the top rated VCU Brandcenter in the School of Mass Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University – yes you saw them in the ACC tournament – to help out with a video project in our Marketing Department.   Our summer 2012 interns represent four bright young adults who we have exposed to the world of systems integration and warehousing, who otherwise would probably still have no idea what material handling means.

The Material Handling Equipment Dealers Association (MHEDA) – where our Principal, Bob Giberson, sits on the board – is active and dedicated in promoting this industry to students.  MHEDA has invited college students to attend their conventions and offers organized tours at tradeshows such as MODEX sponsored by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA).  Additionally, MHEDA features a “careers” page on their website to connect graduating students with employers in the material handling industry.

We encourage you to consider hiring summer interns if you don’t already.  They offer a fun, young and fresh perspective to the work place while producing quality work.  We miss ours already!