Today our client arrived in Tokyo for the testing.

We tested the two different products and pallet positions: it went very well, and our client was very pleased.  He approved the project, and I have to say that he is an extremely clever and very nice gentleman.  I have assured him that PeakLogix will provide them with the high level of Customer Service and Support they deserve.  I am very much looking forward to making this a big success for his company, Fuji, and PeakLogix.

I was able to do a P-Cal set-up on my own today during training.  We practiced box position adjustments and went through the upload and download of the software: .exe, .mot, .fal, rss.  I also was able to, again, set up with pallets at an angle to the pick up conveyor.  We also went over the pick up points and the difference between pallet 1 and pallet 2 in initial settings, and how pallet dimensions in initial settings relate to Edit Block Data.  It has been another very productive day, and I look forward to tomorrow!

The food here is spectacular!  (I know this because it “winks” at me before I eat it!)

Have a good day and all the best!