As my second year on the MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association) board of directors, I am really beginning to get the hang of it. There’s a lot to think about and do for an organization with 500 members.

MHEDA helps material handling integrators and forklift dealers operate better businesses and provide more value for their clients. This year’s board meeting trip was another great experience.

This year’s meeting revolved mostly around how we can make our profession more professional. MHEDA started a new MVP program to elevate the elite member firms in the eyes of the end user community, the vendors, and our peers. The MVP dealers must meet a rigorous set of standards to achieve this status (PeakLogix has been recognized as an MVP for 2012 – one of only about 20 or so distributors).

Additionally, there was a lot of time and effort spent discussing social media and although I don’t pretend to understand it all – I realize it’s here to stay. I am now committed to figuring it out and getting on board. Stay tuned to the PeakLogix Blog because we are planning to update it more frequently. Also, if you have any suggestions on ways that we may be able to improve our social media campaigns, we are always eager to hear your comments.

The MHEDA Board works hard on Education and Networking for its members benefits. Everyone should check out MHEDA’s web site,, it’s truly a great site with super content and resources.

It is always great to meet with the 20 or so business owners from around the country, that make up the MHEDA Board of Directors, to talk about what’s working in our industry and how we can help each other improve in the areas that may not be gaining as much traction as we would like.

Until next time,

Robert Giberson