The cleanest, quietest, most efficient way to move inventory.

We designed ModuCart to solve your need for more efficient inventory fulfillment no matter your facility setup. These patent-pending ModuCarts are part of a closed-loop logistics system that streamlines your inventory fulfillment process.

Each cart can hold up to 20 returnable and reusable totes that are pre-organized for their destination within your facility. This process ensures that your product is only handled once before delivery, reducing unwanted debris and contamination often caused by traditional wood pallet transport.

You can also seamlessly mix and match totes and cartons with ModuCart when your facility needs to use both.

  • We are getting 20% more capacity per cart when compared to our old carts.
    John Pye
    Manager of Distribution, Northside Hospital

The benefits of ModuCart

Ideal for healthcare facilities, ModuCart increases your re-stocking productivity while reducing risk of debris and contamination.

Less handling results in decreased labor costs and increased efficiency

Reduce the risk of contamination into your facility

Custom design for easy transportation, interlocking and towing capabilities

Safety features prevent trailer rolling and allow braking

Environmental design that eliminates shrink wrap and other waste

Quiet rolling on 6” or 8” wheels ensures minimal noise and disruption

ModuCart in action

From picking to restocking, ModuCart and its coordinating totes create efficiencies in all steps of fulfillment.

Create efficiency with ModuCart

All carts are manufactured in the US and can be tailor made to your custom specifications. Try ModuCart for yourself. Request a prototype to test in your facility.