Today was the last formal day of training with Fuji.

Having stayed on or ahead of schedule throughout, we were able to cover the final scheduled topics and then delve into some additional areas.

We first reviewed the process for transferring electronic files between the robot’s and our computers.  This consisted of how to create and/or load backup data files, update software versions, etc. – standard requirements for any computer operated equipment.  We just needed to cover the Fuji-specific process while ensuring our laptops were setup correctly to perform the function.

It must have been good timing because as we were running through this exercise at the robot control panel, a team of Fuji folks nearby were evaluating a new vacuum end-effecter.  We had worked only with the mechanical clamp style end-effecter through the training, so this certainly caught our eye.  The vacuum EE appeared to work very well and could handle not only boxes, but slip sheets and empty pallets as well.  Even more impressive is that this vacuum EE is smaller in size than its mechanical counterparts, enabling it to work in tighter space conditions.  This could come in handy down the road.
Vacuum End-Effecter at Fuji
In the afternoon, we discussed the safety guarding requirements for a robotic work cell.  As with all automated equipment, sound guarding is critical.  A combination of mechanical barriers, electronics sensors, light curtains, etc. can be used to meet the requirements defined by code.

We wrapped up the day by navigating through the Fuji support website and reviewing the various support documents made available to us.  There’s certainly no shortage of information to support our efforts back in the U.S.  Combine that with the presence of the Fuji team and their expertise, and we are in good shape.

In closing my final update, I want thank Fuji for the quality of the training provided and the hospitality extended to me during the visit.  Michael and Hiroshi went out of their way to ensure the group was comfortable and well taken care of.  I must say, the food was outstanding!  And Saturday’s day-trip to Hiroshima was a highlight for me.  But most importantly, I leave with the tools needed to design and install Fuji robotic cells.  And I know Fuji’s team is right there to support the effort.  Now it’s time for the long haul back to Virginia….