As our clients have seen first hand, PeakLogix invests heavily in staying abreast of the latest technologies and practices that have application to our field.

Mike Holler, a PeakLogix engineer has departed for Japan to train with Fuji on its Robotics Palletizer technology, and we have decided to chronicle his trip here for all to see and learn from.

Entry #1:

I’m proud to say that I’ve figured out how to work the toilets and the hotel room lights.  You may laugh, but neither was a small task.

I landed at Tokyo Int’l airport a few hours ago and met up with the Fuji guys.  We bussed an hour to Haneda Airport and are staying there tonight and then flying to Ube tomorrow morning.  The Fuji plant is then just a short drive from Ube, in Sanyo Onoda City.  I’ll update further at that point.  But for now, the bed calls (its 9:30 pm here, 7:30 am your time for reference).

Mike's hotel room in Japan