PeakLogix is proud to have sponsored the Second Annual Hampton Roads LogistX Games last week in Suffolk, VA.

The Games, designed to promote the logistics industry on the local, regional and national level, brings teams together to compete in events styled after traditional track and field events.

The main events included:

The Pallet Puzzle Sprint

A team of three assemble and place 32 different-sized boxes on a pallet. The team with the quickest assembly and stacking time wins.

Pallet Jack Relay

Using a pallet jack, the 3-person teams run their pallet through an obstacle course. Teams must complete the obstacle course with all boxes on the pallet.

Pick Pack Hurdle

The same 3-person teams then move their boxes from their pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing both positions and SKUs.

Box Put

Teams will have packed one box, during the Pallet Puzzle Sprint, with bottled Kentucky spirits using provided packing material. One team member will then throw the box for distance without breaking the contents.



This year’s winners:

  • 1st Place: Target
  • 2nd Place: Expeditors International
  • 3rd Place: QVC


We congratulate the winners and all participants for making this year’s LogistX Games a success. In addition to bringing together local logistics workers for some competitive fun, the games are designed to benefit the community. This year, the Games raised $10,000 for the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation, which supports workforce development program scholarships for the region.