As school swings back into action and fall sports are played on fields across the county, the second year of competition comes into focus for the J.B. Watkins First Lego League Robotics Team – with all but one student returning from the original team.

This year, as part of our initiative to support STEaM learning opportunities in our community, PeakLogix has agreed to sponsor a second robot so that all of the kids can get more hands-on programming experience and the ability to tinker with the robots in unison for heightened learning.

The theme for this year is “World Class” – this idea (in a nutshell) is that the kids pick a topic – anything they have an interest in as a team – and develop a better way of teaching and/or learning about that topic. ¬†Once they have established their ideas, they have to document it and then demonstrate it for the challenge.

PeakLogix plans to host this year’s team on-site to see first hand the LEGOveyor display that we built and to provide an opportunity for them to interact with our automation experts and ask questions.