pick modules

Boar’s Head

Reconfigure warehouse capacity

Due to increasing popularity and demand of its premium deli meats and cheeses, Boar’s Head need to add distribution capacity to its day-to-day operations.


PeakLogix consulted with Boar’s Head to design and build a new 50,000 square foot distribution center to house the company’s growing portfolio of SKU’s. The new facility allows for more efficient delivery to distributors.


PeakLogix successfully completed the facility design and installation within budget and time constraints. With the new facility, Boar’s Head saw its goals met in increasing the capacity and productivity of the distribution center.

  • Three (3) tunnel style Pick Modules, 23 bay, 3 levels high, 5 deep.
  • One (1) Bin Storage System, 15 bays, 5 levels high, 5 deep.
  • One (1) finished goods systems, 18 bays, 3 levels high, 10 deep.
  • pick modules
  • pick modules

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