Custom software solutions

Coca-Cola needed an automated system within its Sandston, VA facility to ensure that products were properly packaged. The system had to be easy to implement to minimize the impact on bottling operations.


PeakLogix designed a PC-based barcode-scanning software system to scan UPC codes on labels and cans to track and verify usage of raw materials, scanning and reading UPC labels sequentially along 6 rows of cans as the roll feeds into the machine.


The automated process provided management with oversight into efficiency of production lines, hard data to review on raw materials usage, and the ability to pinpoint errors on the production line to take immediate corrective action.


• UPC scanners communicate with the software program using RS232 communication over standard CAT5 cables.

• The pallet scanner scans 6 rows of cans, reading any UPC on the cans that are oriented outward.

  • UPC software
  • coca-cola

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