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CVS Pharmacy

Tailored software solutions

With the addition of its new sorter, CVS needed a way to process cases of material as they passed through their bulk facility. Their case labeling system could not print bar codes on the case labels, crucial to the success of the newly installed sorter. CVS needed an automated solution to translate raw data from an inventory system into bar-coded labels.


PeakLogix created a custom Label Software system to create WAVE plans for case picking, allowing operators to reorder case labels into more efficient picking orders.


The bar code label system allows CVS to maximize the use of its sorter. The WAVE plans give operations staff the ability to evaluate and make adjustments to the picking order to process orders more quickly and efficiently.


Windows-based custom software solution that:

• Receives CVS pick data on a daily basis.
• Loads data and allows operator to create waves.
• Prints new Pick labels and allows for reprints of any single label or group of labels.
• Communicates with sorter PLC, transferring wave/lane information.
• 3 High-speed barcode printers.
• Omni Scanner reads barcode on new labels and transfers data to sorter.

  • automated conveyor
  • custom barcode software
  • automated conveyor

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