multi-level pallet flow system


Mattress pallet flow system

EBI was challenged to maximize storage capacity without expanding the footprint of their existing facility in order to accommodate market growth.


PeakLogix engineered, designed and installed a customized dense storage pallet flow system to accommodate a depth of 37 pallets.


EBI can effectively store approximately 20,000 pallets of material in their existing facility, minimizing lost space in their pick aisles, an increase of approximately 11,000 pallets. The new system has reduced the need for additional overhead costs associated with labor and expansion while creating a more organized and efficient storage system for their products.


• Multi-Level Pallet Flow System.
• 37 Pallets-Deep.
• Nearly 6 miles of 56” wide Pallet Flow.
• Custom designed mid-lane pallet separation assemblies.
• 880 lb. per pallet capacity.
• Charge and Discharge end “forklift entry pockets” custom designed to pallet size with guarding to prevent damage.
• 2,400+ upright supports and over 12,000 beams.
• Over ¼ mile of 18” high guardrail and over ½ mile of floor angle guarding.

  • multi-level pallet flow
  • pallet flow
  • multi-level pallet flow system

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