eCommerce Retail Distributor

Create efficiencies and increase productivity


A national e-commerce retailer is successfully growing its business, which brings operational challenges to maintain or improve customer service. To meet demands and improve fulfillment efficiencies, the retailer considered increasing its labor force. Alternatively, the retailer considered an automated process within its existing 40,000 sq. ft. distribution footprint as long as it could be achieved without disruption to its daily sales requirements.


PeakLogix designed a picking system using automated, MDR conveyor and pick divert technology that integrates into the existing order processing software, and installed it without disruption to daily operations within the 40,000 square foot distribution center.


The retailer was able to decrease labor costs and reduce the amount of handling during the fulfillment process while increasing its productivity, realizing a 25% increase in throughput and a savings of nearly $250,000 per year, and a 60% decrease in time to replenish.

  • Reconfigured existing 40,000 sq. ft. distribution facility with minimal impact to employee workspace and customer satisfaction.
  • Installed nearly 1,100 feet of MDR conveyor with pick divert technology that networks the automation control requirements with existing order processing software to transport cases to multiple pick zones.
  • Includes 11 diverts, 357 accumulation zones.

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