Logimat VLM

Film & Tape Manufacturer

Enabled growth

With growing demand for its product by big box retailers, this leading tape and film manufacturer needed to increase inventory capacity in its 400,000 square foot distribution warehouse.


PeakLogix implemented vertical storage featuring Schaefer’s LogiMat® Vertical Lift Module to create greater density of storage, increasing storage capacity from 600 to 900 locations. Its built-in information software allows for centralized, accurate inventory management, while delivering product to the picker to eliminate travel time. The VLM also clears the floor space that 25 sections of pallet rack previously occupied, allowing for greater space for pallet storage.


This implementation created greater use of available vertical space with flexibility for growth of fulfillment. By opening up nearly 100 pallet positions, at a cost of almost $1,000 per position, the client has gained significant savings, increased capacity and fulfillment, reduced picking times and decreased labor costs.

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  • Logimat VLM
  • vertical lift module

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