gravity flow roller

Food Manufacturer

Custom solution for increased capacity

A poultry food manufacturer wanted to make use of the nearly 40 feet of vertical height in its new cooler facility through dynamic storage optimizing a FIFO inventory model to avoid product expiration and ensure adherence to FDA requirements for food handling and storage.


PeakLogix implemented nearly 40 feet of custom vertical storage for the facility’s poultry distribution. The racking structure features a tailor-made drip pan system designed to collect any fluid that seeps from the products’ storage tubs. Using gravity flow rollers, stainless steel troughs and centralized piping, drippings are directed to a floor drain system, eliminating waste and ensuring product freshness. Gravity flow rollers were incorporated to direct product flow, for fluid collection and to enable a true FIFO inventory model.


The implementation allows for maximum high-density storage, including approximately 450 pallets, incorporating a FIFO inventory model with minimum touches, and using a reduced workforce and less equipment resources.

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  • gravity flow rollers
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