hytrol conveyor warehouse configuration

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Optimized Operations

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  • hytrol conveyor warehouse configuration


PeakLogix helped a global furniture manufacturer optimize warehouse operations by integrating Hytrol ABEZ conveyor using Gen 3 EZLogic®.

One of the world’s leading suppliers of furniture hardware and architectural components was looking to advance their operations by upgrading their outdated carton fulfillment conveyor system with carton accumulation technology. The client wanted to avoid/postpone a building expansion by optimizing their current square footage with a new design and equipment.


PeakLogix implemented Hytrol ABEZ conveyor with Gen 3 EZLogic® which enables more control, increases flexibility, and better carton flow. The new layout decreases forklift traffic through the plant, bettering space gains and floor optimization.

EZLogic® accumulation technology provides greater flexibility for future changes, eliminating the need for PLC control and logic, and allowing for programming changes or troubleshooting to be performed through a laptop or PC.

Enhancing the conveyor layout for the new SAP integration allows manifesting stations for all operators rather than one (1) single station. The new project provides simple local controls and eliminates the need for PLC and stationary controls cabinet.

  • Hytrol ABEZ Zero-Pressure Accumulation Conveyors with Gen 3 EZLogic®
  • Carton Sizes: Minimum 9” W x 9” L x 5.25” H and Maximum 32” W x 32” L x 12” H
  • Maximum Carton Weight: 75 Lbs

With this implementation, the client was able to reduce the need for maintenance and lower power costs by enabling sleep mode when not in use, while the new floor design increases workspace safety to allow efficient throughput of 2,000 cases per 8-hour shift.

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