gorbel schmalz

Medical Software & Technology Provider

Reinforced Ergonomics

As the size and weight of the server equipment holding its proprietary software controls system continued to increase, this medical software and technology equipment provider needed an ergonomically sound configuration to enhance the safety of the company’s team members and assets.


PeakLogix and its partner, Dominion Industrial Resources, designed a slimline Gorbel monorail system paired with a Schmalz end effector to allow the team to effortlessly pick up and place servers in workspaces, eliminating any physically limiting or awkward lifting and twisting.


The system was designed to accommodate up to 100 lbs., allowing for the variance in the company’s servers, ranging from 45 lbs. to 93 lbs. The staff fully embraced the new system, reinforcing the company culture of taking care of its team safety and comfort.

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