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Regional Pen Company

Operational Expansion

A regional ecommerce fountain pen company is experiencing high growth year over year and has outgrown its disjointed 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse space. Broken into sections, the warehouse wasn’t conducive to the company’s 15% annualized growth. The client processes 3,000 orders weekly and manages 3,500 SKUs of pens and writing supplies (pens, pads, ink, paper, etc). The “pick to paper” operation had previously required manual transport of orders through every step of the process, not optimal for long-term growth or sustainability.


PeakLogix evaluated how the client could best use its current space (12,000 sq. ft. plus an available 6,000 sq. ft. expansion) against acquiring new warehouse space, including CAD layout concepts to develop the new material storage layout.

The new space design now incorporates a short, first-phase conveyor system to improve efficiency in staging orders for inspection, allowing for phased additions to the system as the company continues to grow its operations. The 24V Hilmot conveyor is energy efficient, runs on demand and requires little maintenance. PeakLogix managed the installation services for both the conveyor and static shelving.

“Being a small and growing business, we’re constantly in uncharted territory, uncertain what our needs are as we get to each new phase of business. You provided assurance about moving to a larger space and coming up with a plan to grow.”

Company President

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