motorized roller MDR conveyor

Pacific STIHL

Increase productivity + storage

Pacific STIHL, the Visalia, California based branch of STIHL, Inc., was moving into a larger facility and required an efficient, cost effective solution for storage and conveying of finished goods. The system needed to provide value through easy maintenance and ease of implementation.


PeakLogix provided a turnkey design solution including motorized roller conveyor, selective rack, and installation, including providing all CAD drawings and project management services.


PeakLogix provided a turnkey solution which resulted in a simple and efficient order processing system for Pacific STIHL.


• Racking to provide over 2,500 pallet positions, including a small parts shelf and carton flow area

• 410’ of Motorized Roller Conveyor (MDR) across two independent conveyor lines converging at shipping stations.  Conveyor utilizes accumulation logic to control product flow through 30” and 36” zones.  Accumulation on incline and decline accomplished through zoned full width belt MDR

• Integrated semi-automatic case sealer, weigh stations, and box strappers

  • motorized roller MDR conveyor
  • motorized roller (MDR) conveyor
  • racking
  • automated conveyor
  • MDR conveyor
  • MDR conveyor

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