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Regional Power Company

Decommissioning & restoring to pre-lease conditions

Due to a merger, the client’s existing building housing 4 business units was to be vacated and reverted to pre-lease conditions.

All infrastructure related tenant improvements needed to be removed along with all storage equipment. The client also needed all products and shipped to other locations, with any excess inventory auctioned to market. The building lease required all maintenance items be addressed prior to the termination of the lease, correcting all deficiencies of the building to return it to be used as a general-use facility. Due to decreased staffing and a short timeline, the client was unable to inventory and ship product themselves while also decommissioning the building using its internal staff.


PeakLogix used in-house crews, as well as trusted subcontractors, to staff the project and meet the strict timeline. A specialty packing firm was brought in to assist with inventorying and shipping the client’s extremely fragile product and equipment, including multiple Hänel Lean-Lift® vertical lift modules (VLM) to its other locations, with excess inventory auctioned through a partnership with an industrial auction company.


The building was decommissioned within the client’s timeline and met all requirements of the landlord under the lease agreement. The building was turned back into the possession of the landlord without any additional delay or extra cost to the client.


“The team at PeakLogix made a nearly impossible timeline happen for us with minimal involvement and oversight necessary from our team. Their diverse base of partners allowed them to work through the challenges of this decommissioning without sacrificing our timeline or our quality standards.”

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