warehouse decommission

Nutritional Food Manufacturer

Decommissioning multiple warehouses simultaneously

The client needed to decommission 24 of its distribution centers, ranging in size from 50,000 to 150,000 sq. ft., across the country in under 45 days.

PeakLogix took on decommissioning multiple warehouses simultaneously across the country for this food manufacturer. All assets and infrastructure needed to be disassembled and removed from each facility and shipped to the company’s designated storage location. Excess assets needed to be sold or recycled.


PeakLogix planned and executed the full decommissioning effort at all 24 locations including managing the disassembly, bundling, shipment, and sale of all assets as required. The turnkey solution centered on staffing all 24 sites, including 19 simultaneously. Trained Project Managers and subcontractors simplified the project logistics for the client, completing an extremely difficult and time-sensitive task on time and budget.


The project was completed in just 36 days. All 24 locations, totaling 2.2 million square feet, across 17 states were decommissioned ahead of schedule and within budget.


• 24 warehouses in total decommissioned
• Phase 1 included 5 sites across 11 days
• Phase 2 included 19 sites across 11 days
• 54,200 total pallet positions of racking (9,200 during phase 1 and 45,000 during phase 2) were disassembled, bundled, and shipped for storage
• 163 truckloads of pallet racking were shipped and received within the 36-day window
• Up to 19 sites staffed simultaneously with crews ranging from 10-35 people per site
• OSHA 30/10 trained Project Manager on site at each location for the duration of the project
• Logistics broker sourced independent carriers for transportation of assets
• Successful delivery of all assets intact and on time

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