PeakLogix is a market leader in designing creative solutions for its clients, with initial assessments often powering the general direction of these designs that accommodate and supplement defined specifications from our clients.

With more than 25 years walking the floors of distribution centers, our leadership team is well versed in how to design for client success. Our forward-thinking approach and proprietary software allows us to promptly generate project proposals based on client need. The design phase actually begins during our initial inspection and consultation.

Since working with a national healthcare manufacturer and distributor in the US last year, we visited its international warehouse operations to evaluate its current expansion needs. With only a short amount of time to evaluate the client’s needs, we were able to thoroughly assess the facility over a one-day site visit. Afterwards, we created a comprehensive design proposal to include additional pallet racking to accommodate 400 to 500 more pallets and maximize the existing space.

Our team was able to provide the client an estimate, including conceptual drawings, drawn to scale, as well as detailed project specs including timeline, services and materials within a few hours of their visit. With this in hand, the client was able to more quickly move toward its next steps in the project’s development.

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