This fall, we were awarded a number of projects through the Mid-Atlantic region. Here you’ll find a sampling of the types of work we’re consulting, designing and managing.


For a specialty steel parts company in GA: We’ll be helping them relocate from Virginia to Georgia, including the move itself as well as adding new storage capacity.

For a specialty retailer: We consulted on the design and new storage specifications for relocating from high ceiling to low ceiling space.


For a client in the Midwest: We’re consulting to validate a 1million square foot design and layout to include storage alternatives and specifications.

For a major medical supply manufacturer in GA: We completed a pick module expansion, including replacement of existing control systems to allow for all control systems to be managed on a common platform, establishing a baseline for additional expansion requirements.

For a medical distribution company in TN: We consulted on a reconfiguration of the existing storage space to add more capacity and better cubing. Additionally, we completed the design and build-out of new distribution center in TN for the same client.

For a construction industry support company in VA: We completed the design for a warehouse expansion.

For an automotive company in Southern VA: We reconfigured its warehouse storage requirements.


For a specialty retailer: We completed an installation of a pick module and conveyor, helping them migrate away from “Man to Goods” order fulfillment and toward “Goods to Man” order fulfillment.

For a major energy company in VA: We consulted on the movement and expansion of its production line requiring overhead conveyor support of its plant operations.

For a leading food manufacturer in VA and Southwest: We completed the design and installation of multiple robotic palletizers to automate its warehouse processes.

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