Thinking about it from our customer’s point of view, service calls really are expensive interruptions.

This has made me start to consider how I can help by being proactive for my clients. Planning in advance for service, parts, audits, etc. will enable our customers to be more profitable in the end.

Service calls not only cost our clients the actual time and material costs but most importantly the costs of being down unexpectedly. Include with that – the expedited freight charges, overtime or premium pay for after-hours calls, employees standing around scratching their heads because warehouse equipment is down – and you have really taken a bite out of bottom line profits.

So you ask, how can we prevent this from happening? By being proactive whenever we can. It is really important to take this into consideration with the busy retail season quickly approaching.

Training, preventative maintenance, and even a simple equipment audit can increase equipment/system life and dependability. Many of these proactive tasks can be performed by in-house personnel with a little guidance and training.

Sorry, its time for me to run, the service line is ringing…….

John Garrett
Service Manager