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Material Handling and Integrator Webinar Series

PeakLogix Webinar Series

View the latest episodes in our warehouse integration and material handling webinars. The series features our industry partners and brings you the latest insights and trends.

Moving Forward to Stay Ahead

From automation and innovative order picking to advanced warehouse applications, we know you want to stay ahead of the innovation to drive your operational efficiencies.

Marcus Warner discusses how NITCO provides integrative products and services to support its customers. From traditional warehouse equipment to implementing automation, NITCO’s focus is increasing productivity by reimagining operations.


hytrol conveyor

Collaboration Before Design

From a single conveyor unit to a comprehensive material handling system, create world-class products and solutions designed for sustainability.

In this presentation, Boyce Bonham from Hytrol Conveyor walked through their extensive suite of systems, controls and solutions for customers with processing, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution needs.


peaklogix webinar process improvement

Process Improvements & Advancements

Best-in-class operations are achieved by understanding business challenges and goals unique to individual customers.

In this presentation, Greg Ellis from Precision Distribution Consulting shared examples of how process improvements were implemented and examine the value of following a structure warehouse technology methodology to optimize operations.



Understanding Automation Innovations & Trends

This presentation will discuss the latest trends in fulfillment and the best-practice processes that transport products to customers as efficiently as possible. We will also explore software solutions and the benefits of implementing a full service Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Mark Dickinson, Head of IT Sales at SSI Schaefer Systems, talks with us about the latest automation trends and innovations in this webinar.


pick by voice from Numina Group

Supercharge Your Operations with Pick by Voice

The latest Pick by Voice technology can provide a 30% to 70% increase in picking productivity with 99.99% accuracy. Learn how the latest advancements in Pick by Voice are supercharging order fulfillment performance in warehouse and distribution operations.

Dan Hanrahan, CEO of The Numina Group, joins us in this webinar to showcase how Pick by Voice can enhance your operations.


The Automation Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

Automation is becoming more recognized and available to a wider range of warehouse facilities. In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll explore how to efficiently integrate automated technology with traditional warehouse equipment.

By marrying the old with the new, your operations can create increased, sustainable workflow while increasing throughput, accuracy and workforce productivity to reduce handling and labor costs.


robotic palletizing

Robotic Palletizing: The Benefits to Your Operations

In this webinar, we’ll introduce a tried and true automated solution for the palletizing of single-item pallet goods.

Our discussion touches on the range of sizes, speeds, payload, and handling capabilities of robotic palletizing. We will also highlight operator safety enhancements, system scalability, and projected Return on Investment.


Gaining Control of Runaway Transportation Expenses

Your business depends on solutions beyond the walls of your warehouse or fulfillment center. Join our special guest, Platinum Circle Partners, as they walk through technology options can increase your understanding, and control of your small package expenses.

From transportation cost reduction, invoice validation and governance, and vendor control, Platinum Circle Partners will share best-in-class approaches to success in managing this difficult cost area.



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