Today I really got a chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I was able to do manual teaching of the robot, set it into “auto mode,” and then sit back and enjoy the show!

I also reviewed what was done in the last few days. We have now started with the “auto teaching”… it’s coming much more easily to me, as I’ve already got the “manual teaching” under my belt. I was able to set the program in the main board as well as all the drives and also to upload the program to the PLC on one of the panels. As a test, we set an output for the error light to come on at start up, just to make sure everything was in the proper working order.

I was able to do the “manual teaching” of different layers and patterns and then test it all in auto when I was finished. I have to tell you, there is nothing like seeing this robot picking and depositing in “auto” after you have calculated all the pick up and drop off pallet positions and layout!

All the best!picture-071