Our Services

Up to 70% of the cost of a product can be traced back to material handling activities.

We are experts at innovative strategies. We focus on each dimension of your internal logistics to design modern operational processes and to optimize your resources. Our solutions are created to save your operations considerable time, money and manpower. Our experience gives us the edge in delivering custom tailored solutions that can lead your business toward maximum efficiency. Whatever your product or material, we know you’re constantly looking for safer, more efficient ways to move, store, sort, pick, protect and control items within your operation.


Our engineering team works with you in a consultative manner to uncover potential issues or areas of improvement within your current operations.

Concept Design + Engineering

We study your facility to identify where we can improve your efficiency, including every area of your operation from receiving to order-picking, to labeling and shipping. We identify additional cost reductions related to production bottlenecks, poor space utilization, excessive maintenance, inefficient use of labor or equipment, and more. Our assessments yield real savings for your operations: both boosts in efficiency and productivity, and tangible cost savings.


Systems Integration, Equipment + Automation

Systems Integration

 Whatever your needs, we’ll partner with you to gain a complete understanding of your requirements to design a solution that’s tailored for your operational goals. Our solutions bridge your legacy systems with new technology, creating a seamless operation. We ensure your communications are supported across all of your systems to safeguard the smooth and safe movement of all your materials while protecting your existing information technology investments.

Equipment Solutions

Since 1989, PeakLogix has been helping companies become more productive and efficient by recommending/delivering the right material handling equipment. A search into the various types of equipment will quickly lead you to many products that are designed to do similar tasks. We help you navigate through all the options. We leverage our long-standing vendor relationships to match the right products for your operational needs at competitive pricing.


By automating your distribution or manufacturing processes, we help you define and achieve your ROI targets, including improved operational efficiency, increased volume throughput, and reduced or redeployed staff. Automation provides you real-time information regarding your raw materials usage, production errors, and other key metrics necessary for maintaining efficient and profitable operations. From simple to complex, we’ll evaluate the best automation strategy for your business.

Our listing of automated technology and services include: automated conveyor systems, sortation systems, storage systems, pick modules, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), automated palletizers, robotics, carousels, lift modules, warehouse control software, warehouse management software. We also provide custom designed automation controls to provide ease of use through HMI interface.

Project Management

We seamlessly integrate all aspects of your project, as a single source provider, managed by our team of professional project managers. Our team is well versed in managing complex projects, with in-depth experience in requirements gathering, client communication and project progression. We integrate various disciplines and capabilities in engineering, fabrication and field installation, and training into a single coordinated project.

service and support

Continuous Service + Support

We’re dedicated to helping you throughout the project timeline and afterward. We offer a variety of services including delivery and assembly of parts, maintenance and repairs, customer training, and 24/7 system support. Our in-house team of experts shares over 220 years of collective material handling experience, allowing us to anticipate challenges before they occur – saving you time, money and frustration.


Let us help you advance your operations.