Automated Laundry Service

Increase fulfillment + growth


Fulfilling nearly 8 million pounds of linens and apparel annually, HandCraft Services expanded into a new facility to advance its business performance with three key goals: improve inventory tracking and control, create greater operational efficiencies, and increase the utilization of floor space.


PeakLogix designed and implemented an automated goods-to-man picking process, effectively moving clean, folded linens to storage and then to transportation as needed. The state-of-the-art operations centers on a WMS and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to pairs custom conveyor equipment and vertical storage to increase operational efficiencies.

  • One (1) Schaefer Miniload Crane with Goods-to-Man Picking
  • SSI Schaefer Totes with Antibacterial Coating
  • One (1) Aisle Miniload Crane
  • AS/RS with 900 Tote Capacity


With this implementation, the client was able to expand storage; increase productivity; reduce errors, labor costs and fulfillment time; and improve workforce scalability and employee safety.

13% growth

with no impact to operations

20% decrease

in time to fulfill

3-4 years

return on investment

Drastic increases in operational efficiencies operations were reached, with some workstations reaching 75% gains.

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