selective racking

CBRE on behalf of Regional Shipbuilder

Create efficiencies through automation

“The PeakLogix team is very good at real-time problem solving, anticipating potential challenges, and communicating between all stakeholders. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

– David Hackbirth, Senior Vice President, Project Management Services


CBRE needed to accommodate a tenant’s specialized requirements to consolidate its warehouse operations to facilitate the market’s largest industrial lease. The tenant, a regional shipbuilder, required warehouse storage totaling more than 515,000 square feet in order to meet the ongoing increase in materials on hand. The existing warehouse slab would need to support the specialized storage design and product weight capacities.


PeakLogix designed and implemented an industrial class, turnkey racking solution across two 250,000+ square foot buildings. The specialized racking enables the existing warehouse slab to support the weights and pallet positions required by the shipbuilder.


The additional space allows the shipbuilder to consolidate and centralize its logistics processes, purchase parts and materials in bulk, and reduce handoffs and infrastructure costs with enough square footage to aid future growth and storage needs during its 12-year lease.

  • Selective Rack with each bay having four levels with a capacity of 3,000 pounds per pallet (6,000 pounds per beam level).
  • One building houses 1,140 bays of racking while a second building houses 1,250 bays of racking.
  • selective racking
  • selective racking
  • Selective rack

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