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Create efficiencies through automation


The client was investing significant labor to manually palletize and transport its product, and required a new system to receive up to 60 cases/minute from each of 2 production lines, then build pallets with the top layer inverted.


PeakLogix designed and installed an automated conveyor system to feed cases into and transport pallets out of 4 Robotic Palletizing Cells, integrating robots and custom-built end effectors.


The new system eliminated all manual labor and has the capacity to palletize up to 120,000 cases into 600 palletized loads in a single 20-hour day.

  • 4 Fuji EC-201HS Palletizing Robots, each with dual pick-up conveyors.
  • 2 Pallet and Slipsheet Dispensers.
  • 500’ Accumulation Conveyor.
  • 340’ Transportation Conveyor with 6 Diverters.
  • 265’ Pallet Conveyors with 11 Transfers.

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