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Medical Device Distributor

Increase productivity + storage

Outgrowing their current space and not ready to expand square footage, our client needed to expand storage in their current 500,000 sq. ft. distribution center without affecting production areas.


During Phase I of the three-phase project, PeakLogix worked with the client to improve efficiency and productivity by implementing vertical storage solutions and a smart conveyor system. The design allows for room for growth within the new warehouse configuration.


With this solution, our client expand storage; increase productivity; reduce errors, customer complaints, and labor costs; prepare for short-term and long-term growth; and improve employee morale. The client experienced 50% reduction in error rates, 47% increase in productivity and 33% savings in labor costs.


• Elevated Seven-Lane High Speed Narrow Belt Sorter
• 2-Level Split Case Pick Module with 106 Total Bays of Carton Flow
• Pick Pack Mezzanine (4,500 sq ft) with In-Motion Scale, Box Tapers, and Quality Inspection Area
• 3-Level Full Case Pick Module with 159 Total Bays of Pallet Flow
• Parcel Processing Area with Automated Print & Apply Machines
• Overhead Corrugate Takeaway Conveyors in Split Case Pick Modules

 This project was implemented with no downtime or interference to the client’s normal operations.

  • automated conveyor
  • automated conveyor
  • pick to light

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