automha pallet runner

Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer

Increased utilization and capacity

The client needed to update its staging and storing of incoming ingredients arriving in super sacks or bags stacked on pallets and stored in 3 high drive-in rack.

Staging was proving increasingly challenging, causing increased congestion issues, poor navigation, and difficulty in managing quality control. Utilization rates were approaching just 55% with only 375 of 672 pallet positions being used. The client wanted to improve the general flow of materials, increase the storage capacity, and implement FIFO.


After an assessment of the data proved by the client, PeakLogix partnered with Automha to design a solution centered on semi-automated deep lane storage to increase overall storage capacity, improve general materials flow, and facilitate FIFO.

The solution allows for storage management with no product contact using Automha’s Pallet Runner system that adjusts for load weight, product overhang, and inconsistent placement to effectively move and store product.

The design accommodates 768 pallets measuring 48” D x 40” W across 45 faces with a capacity of 2,600 lbs., and 26 combined pallet moves per hour (19 inbound and 7 outbound).


The client was able to increase its realized capacity by more than 60%, using 614 of 768 available pallet positions or a utilization rate of nearly 80%. In addition, the client is benefiting from a clear receiving dock, which facilitates their ability to unload the additional inventory that can now be ordered more efficiently.


“In this fast paced industry that we all work in, it is rare to come across a company that takes the time to pay strict attention to detail in every aspect of their business. PeakLogix is one of those rare companies. The team’s knowledge of the customer and their operations made the project run smoothly and successfully.”

Bill Edgy, Automha

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